Hello Catholic Blockchain World

I’m Devin Rose, one of the founding members of Catholic Blockchain. Welcome to our site and new initiative!

Catholic Blockchain Mission

Catholic Blockchain exists to promote and facilitate the use of blockchain technology in the Catholic Church and to represent Catholic values in the global blockchain community.

How Are We Doing That?

On This Website

  • You’ll find articles about blockchain tech in relation to the needs and values of the Catholic Church
  • A growing email list of Catholic leaders, developers, and thinkers who are interested in blockchain tech
  • Information about our work

Social media


  • Hackathons
  • Conferences
  • Workshops


  • Build blockchain tools for use by the Catholic Church
  • Support other Catholic blockchain projects with grants, advice, guidance, etc, especially projects from our hackathons

How Can I Get Involved?

Start by saying hello and joining in the conversation in one of our channels: Telegram, Discord, Facebook Group, Facebook page, Twitter. We’ll get to know each other and go from there!

Founding Members

You can read more about the founding members on our about page. I’ll say a few words about each of the people to give you an idea.

Brantly Millegan is the creator of Flippening.Watch, as well as the Founder & Editor-in-Chief of ChurchPOP. I first ran into him through his convert blog Young, Evangelical, and Catholic.

Devin Rose is a software developer and Catholic author.

What unites us, in addition to the Catholic Faith, is a vision that sees the benefit that the cryptocurrency movement could bring to the Catholic Church. We want to serve the Church by helping to bring this new paradigm to her service.

Our goal is to infuse Catholic moral principles into the crytpocurrency space for mutual enrichment.

Stay tuned for details on our first project!

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